PRO-LINE EXPERT DRUM 100 - Catfish People



The Pro-line Expert filters are developed for the use in aquaculture and industrial applications.
The first Pro-line Expert filters have been in operation since 2007 and have proven to be very reliable.
‚‚‚ Complete filter body made out of 12mm thick material (25, 50 and 100m³/hr model)
‚‚‚ Bottom weld is an extrusion weld which is much stronger as an ordinary weld
‚‚‚ Very compact
‚‚‚ Very large volume for bio carrier which makes it perfectly suited for highly stocked ponds (combi filters)
‚‚‚ Control box can be mounted up to 4m from the filter (longer cable lengths on request)
‚‚‚ Gear driven, no drive shafts with seals below the water level (prone to leak)
‚‚‚ 24V drive system, suitable for swimming ponds (25, 50 and 100m³/hr model)
‚‚‚ High quality control box
Drum filters made out of Polypropylene. These filters are delivered with an extensive control box, cover and
rinse pump. Available with a maximum flow of 350m³/hr.

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