OASE PROFISKIM WALL 100 - Catfish People



ProfiSkim Wall built-in skimmer sucks up dirt on pond surfaces of up to 30 m² before it can sink to the bottom. It has a DN 110 connection for optimal flow. The integrated dirt basket contains a pigging ladder. In the event that the small amphibians get in there, they can climb outside via a built-in staircase. In addition, the dirt basket can be easily removed for easy cleaning. There are useful accessories for the ProfiSkim Wall that you can purchase to individually install the built-in wall skimmer: wall extension, wide mouth extension, height extension and high-quality stainless steel panels.

  • Skims off debris from a pond surfaces of up to 30 m²
  • For permanent installation in a wall
  • The technology is protected through an integrated debris basket with wildlife evacuation system
  • The debris basket is easy to take out for effortless cleaning from the front and from the top
  • With useful accessories (optional): Wall extension, wide-mouth extension, height extension and high-quality stainless steel covers
  • Perfectly matched to the OASE gravity systems


Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 273 x 267 x 408
Net weight kg 2.80
Limited warranty Years 3 + 2
Possible water level difference 120 mm
Skimmer opening width mm 210
Pond surface, max. 2 30th
Pump capacity, min. l / h 6000
Pump capacity, max. l / h 16000
Rec. Flow rate (gravity-fed) l / h 12000
Outlet connections DN 110
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