KUSURI ECO PURE 1.25KG - Catfish People



Kusuri Eco Pure is a biological product that degrades organic sludge, fish waste, flocculates particle matter, increases water clarity and has beneficial strains of denitrifying bacteria bio-fixed, to a dense powder catalyst.

Blanket weed and algae benefit by lowering biological oxygen demand and helps to maintain clear, crystal clear, clean water.

Add weekly for beneficial bacteria in Kusuri Eco Pure utilise excess nitrogen and phosphate. Every pond is different, in some ponds, Kusuri Eco Pure can work in 2 weeks, most ponds will take 4 ‚‚ 8 weeks.

Use early in the season followed by regular doses as a preventative.

Maintenance dose.  Use cup supplied; add two heaped cups per 1000 gallons of pond water. Mix measured amount into 1 gallon of pond water in a plastic bucket and stir. Apply this solution around the edge of the pond once per week.


80g per 1000 gallons.

If blanket weed is excessive, use Kusuri Eco Gold to eradicate the weed first followed by weekly doses of Kusuri Eco Pure.

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