AQUAFORTE PURE UVC 30W - Catfish People



– Uses standard 30 and 55 watt TL lamps and quartz sleeves.

– Large reactor housing provides long exposure to UV-C radiation.

– Water distribution ensures optimal contact with UC-C light.

– Special guide in the housing for easy installation of quartz sleeve.

– Suitable for salt water!

– Housing is earthed for safe use!

– 3 x 1.5″ female threaded connections. Max. pressure: 0.7 bar

– Includes 2x 25/32/40mm hose tails and transparent 1.5″ plug.

UV-C equipment is the solution for green pond water and is therefore indispensable in any pond.

How does UV-C work?

The pond pump pumps the pond water through the UV-C unit, where it comes into contact with UV-C radiation. This radiation attacks the DNA structure of single-cell micro-organisms in the pond, such as bacteria, viruses and algae. As a result they can no longer reproduce and they disappear from the pond. The result is a clear, healthy pond without the addition of chemicals.

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