Consultancy - Catfish People
Since 2012


Catfish People has set up a Consultancy to help more companies get into African Catfish farming in the UK. The current market is huge, and it is impossible for one company to meet the current demand. Working to bring on more companies doing the same thing helps build the African Catfish industry here in the UK and increases the chances of success in this new field. We are here to help companies achieve a greater goal.

Technical consulting

Over time we have learned to build your farm using the minimal amount of equipment and fittings (trust us, it has taken a lot of iterations and a very long time to figure this out) So you do not need to spend money on wasted tools. We have mastered the best farming technique to keep your water heated to the right temperature at lower costs, even in the freezing winter months.


Strategic consulting

Building a UK-based farm from scratch and being the first company to undertake this we have worked with all the UK regulators and now have working relationships with clear understanding requirements to get you set up quickly and without ambiguity. We can make your Farm setup process faster with no waiting around or contacting the wrong regulators.

Experience consulting

With a combined total experience in Catfish farming of over 20 years, we have seen first-hand every likely situation that could happen on the farm. We have hands-on experience from our farms with the added knowledge of solving issues from the farms. Our knowledge base is colossal.                                                          


Operations consulting

keeping the wheels spinning on a day-to-day basis is the key to successfully running the farm year on year. From hatching schedule to feeding schedule to everything in between, we will walk you through it all to maintain top performance.

Check out our FAQ for any general questions you may have. We are constantly updating this section with Q&A.

If your question is more specific and not included on the list, why not book a 15-min consultation session via an online platform (Zoom/Teams/Skype) at the cost of £100, where you can have your questions answered by one of our consultants.

We cannot answer questions directly related to our operations. Realistically, we can answer up to 4 questions within this time frame and ask that you fill in the questions you want to ask in the booking form prior to the meeting. This will help us prepare beforehand so as to utilise the entire period focusing on answers.

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