AFRICAN CATFISH - Catfish People


Our African Catfish Broodstock is the ‘Dutch Strain’ African Catfish. It contains more eggs in weight than any other species of Catfish. Our females produce over 500g of an egg each spawning season. This can result in over 100,000 fries if hatched successfully. Our fries have a high survival rate under excellent conditions which results in the production of stress resistance, improved growth capacity, and high filet percentage Catfish. Fluted Pumpkin Broodstock is highly maintained so as to achieve the end goal which is higher survival of hatchlings.

Note: Male and Female broodstock available £300 each. Average weighs 2.5KG.



Successful fish production starts with sourcing for healthy fish fingerlings, Our African catfish Fingerlings are of the best quality with a high survival rate. This is due to the fact that our fingerlings are fed with the top-quality feed of over 60% protein.

The average weight of each fingerling is 8.0grams

Note: Contact us to place your order, Each Fingerling cost £1.50, the minimum order is 1000 fingerlings